Waiting on Dogs and Fries

Today the boys and I decided to try a local spot in the next town over (Stratford) called Cricket Car Hop.

Is a fast food joint that was open for almost 45 years and that closed in 2004 when the owner died. 

The new owner is a lady that worked there for a long time (she started when she was 15) and she decided to bring the place back to life.

It was such a nice day and we decided it was worth the drive.

Last time we went by the place it was jam packed to the gills so we went expecting long lines and long wait.

When we got there, there was no parking spaces inside so we had to park on the street. Inside there was about 40 people all waiting on their orders, but no lines at the counter.

We ordered an assortment of burgers and long dogs with fries and onion rings. To drink, milkshakes of course!

In reality, we waited around 20 minutes for our order and by that time, there were some open seats outside.

The onion rings were nice an crunchy with a well seasoned batter. The long Dogs, which I oredered with the works, came with ketchup, mustard, red relish, green relish and sour kraut.  

The were good, but not exceptional. I had better Dogs at Danny’s or the Merrit Canteen in Bridgeport.

The boys liked their burgers and Fries, which come with no onion, tomatoes or lettuce. 

The milkshakes were really good although their regular size is more of a small size.

All in all, a good spot for when you are close by and hungry. If you can stand the wait!

I also think the wait is going to die down once the novelty of the place wears off.

You can find Cricket Car Hop at 900 Access Road, Stratford, CT.