Lenny and Joe’s Fish Tale

Yesterday was such a lovely day…

In the morning, Esedia asked me if I could go help my mother-in-law to move some furniture and fix her TV that had gotten disconnected from the cable box. She, my son Carlos and I when to help and afterwards Carlos went to a basketball game.

Esedia and I stayed for a couple of hours at my mother-in-law and then decided to go out for lunch.

We went to the house and picked up Gabriel (our youngest one) and I asked him what he wanted to eat. He said he wasn’t sure, which is always the case!

Like I’d said, it was a lovely day and I have been stuck in the house for the better part of the last two weeks; so I suggested that we go somewhere where we could sit outside.

I mentioned a place in New Haven called Chips. It was a fish and chips place that we have visited before, and is was right in front of the Long Island Sound.

Gabriel said he wasn’t in the mood for fish, but we told him that they also serve hamburgers there, and he agreed to go with us.

The drive was really nice except for a couple of traffic jams.

When we got to the place, we found a big ‘FOR SALE‘ sign. What a disappointment!!

Lenny and Joe’s Fish Tale

We kept driving, looking for some other places to eat and then it occurred to me that we could go to Lenny and Joe’s Fish Tale Restaurant in New Haven.

I wasn’t sure they offered hamburgers, but I kept that to myself.

We went past the food trucks in New Haven, that were jam-packed with people parked on both sides of the street and arrived at Lenny & Joe’s.

We had been to the Madison location before, and that one has a more open layout, with wooden tables on the outside.

The New Haven location is more of a restaurant/bar with a little more formal setting.

The wait was very short and we were seated within 10 minutes of us being there. We wanted to sit outside, but we were informed that the deck was closed yesterday.

We sat and ordered a couple of Birch Beer sodas and a glass of water for Esedia.

A quick look at the menu and I already knew what I was going to order…

Tale Fish Tacos
Tale Fish Tacos

My rule of thumb is: “If there are fish tacos on the menu, that is what I will order“.

They have a selection of Mahi, Scrod (Cod) or Shrimp tacos, served on 2 flour tortillas with Lettuce, tomato salsa and spicy mayo. I added the fries and the coleslaw (which turned out to be a mistake) and I also ordered my new-found favorite…

Bread and Butter Fried Pickles
Bread and Butter Fried Pickles

I had fried pickles before, but never of the Bread and Butter variety. The sweetness of the pickles contrasted excellently with the batter and the ranch sauce that was used for dipping.

Esedia ordered the Fried Fish Scrod (Cod) that is served with Chips (Crinkle Cut Steak Fries) and Coleslaw, and Gabriel ordered a Hamburger of course!

My fish tacos were delicious!! I ate the majority of the pickles and by the time I was done with the tacos and pickles, I couldn’t finish my fries. Esedia’s fish came with two large pieces of fish and she was only able to finish one. Gabriel took care of all the fries… Esedia’s and mine!!

The restaurant was packed, but the service was incredibly fast. We were in and out of there in less than an hour.

Great place, great food and an awesome experience. I only wish we were able to sit outside and enjoy the breeze from the sea.

Pokemon Go!!

Afterwards, we went to Savin Rock boardwalk, which was the site of the Savin Rock Amusement Park; where Gabriel did some Pokemon Go and we had a nice stroll by the shore. Esedia was a little cold and she just sat on a bench waiting for us to finish.

Gaby and Me playing Pokemon Go

We had a wonderful day with only half of the family, but a wonderful day nonetheless!

Lenny & Joe’s Tale Fish New Haven location is on 501 Long Wharf Drive, New Haven, CT 06511