Le Flare

Le Flare

I am a big fan of the Alien movies.

I went to see the original Alien movie in theaters, back in 79′ with my best friend Carlos.

The movie had such an impression on me that I got completely hooked and watched each and everyone of the sequels from then on. (Yes, even Alien vs. Predator)

When they came out with the set of DVDs compendium, I inmediatly bought them. It is what is known as the Alien Quadrilogy.

When I got rid of all my DVDs, I kept the Quadrilogy (and the Star Wars DVDs, of course).

It is my guilty pleasure…

It is such an adiction that I have seen the movies multiple times. Evertime they come out on TV, I watch them. It’s safe to say that I am an avid Alien follower.

When they decide to revive the series with Prometheus, I was a little skeptical.

Me and my boys went to see it in IMAX and I was not dissapointed.

I though they took it in a good direction and expected to have a good follow up that was going tie in with the originals.

That is until I saw Alien Covenant last Thursday.

My hopes where crushed by Ridley Scott…

I am the kind of person that does not like to spoil pictures for other people, so I won’t say much about it. Suffice it to say, I did not like the movie.

I left the theater completely dissapointed and with very little interest in watching the following sequels. It was a ridiculous story.

While I waited for my son to pick me up, I snapped this photo of a medical building near the theather. I’ve always liked the lighting and though about taking a picture using the RAW camera from Lightroom Mobile.

At least the night ended with a good shot…

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