Kingston Kafe

So a couple of days ago, Esedia told me she had a coupon for a Jamaican restaurant called Kingston Kafe, in Stratford CT.

She had said that the coupon was about to expire and that we had to use it before next Friday.

We made a date with two of the boys to go on Wednesday (yesterday) and we were all set to go.

Yesterday was a really long day for me at work, as I woke up around 2:00 AM (Esedia heard a noise downstairs and I couldn’t go back to sleep). I worked almost until 6:00 PM.

In other words, I was welcoming some rest and relaxation!

So the boys, Esedia and I drove to the Kingston Kafe in Stratford.

A little quaint place that feels really small on the outside but when you get inside it seems to open up like a Tardis.

Like many other Jamaican restaurants, you get an area where you can order take out in the front and tables and chairs in the back.

The restaurant has a mini gift shop in the back where you can purchase lots of Jamaican clothing, jewelry and even Marley coffee (as in Bob Marley).

Oxtail, Rice and Peas and Fried Plantains

We sat at a table in the back and there were two other tables with people in them. It seems that at that time the restaurant gets pretty busy.

We ordered Jerk Chicken for the boys and Esedia ordered Oxtail. I had my eye on the Escovitched Snapper (as I saw it on their website).

Escovitched Snapper, Rice and Peas and Steamed Vegetables

All meals come with either white rice or Rice and Peas (rice and beans) and steamed vegetables. The boys got some fried plantains with theirs.

Because we always like to try new things we ordered some Jamaican Dumplings and a Jamaican Beef Patty for Carlos.

For drinks, we got some Ginger beer and some other sodas for the boys.

The staff was really courteous and helpful. The two girls that helped us were really lovely and made sure we were really satisfied.

When the food came, we were amazed at the amount of food they give you. It’s definitely a great deal.

“…this is my new favorite place to eat.”

I was so busy enjoying the food, that I forgot to take some pictures. I managed to take the picture shown here before I devoured the snapper.

Food was really, really tasty. Esedia’s comment was that: “…this is my new favorite place to eat.”

Jerk Chicken, Rice and Peas and Steam Vegetables

The food was fresh and delicious. The Beef Patty was scrumptious and with the right amount of spice. My only complaint was the dumplings were a little hard.

There was so much food, that we had enough leftover for lunch today (for her and me!).

I wish I could have taken more pictures (Most of these were taken by Esedia), but take my word for it, it does not disappoint.

If you are into ethnic food, and you like Jamaican, Kingston Kafe is most definitely one of the places you should visit here in Connecticut.

Kingston Kafe is on 30 Barnum Avenue Cutoff, Stratford, CT.