Everything is a Subscription

When did everything that you buy become a subscription?

It seems to me that everything that you want to buy, has become a Monthly or Yearly subscription.

It used to be that you paid a certain amount of money, to buy a product or a service and then a year later, you paid to get the new and updated upgrade.

Now every company wants you to buy a monthly pass to their product.

I was reading and article by Scott Kelby where he was talking about a new idea that the photographer Peter Hurley had, where he was offering a series of “Quips” that he uses to relax his subjects when he is taking their photographs.

He calls the idea, “Hurleyisms“.

Hurleyism Pro

Curious by it, I went to see the page, and there, Mr. Hurley lets you wet your appetite by letting you see some of the lines. In a continuous stream you get lines like: “Relax your earlobes, you are holding a lot of tension there” or “Give me a look like you are impersonating a cabbage“. You know, silly stuff that tends to elicit a smile or a chuckle. Click! Perfect smile!

Then, you are asked if you want to go PRO…

The dreaded PRO account. Mr. Hurley ask for a Monthly subscription of US$4.99 (or a lifetime subscription of US$99) to get about a 1000+ original lines and access to new ones as he invents them.

Spotify, Apple Music, Netflix, SetAPP, Hulu, Photoshop/Lightroom, Hurleyisms, Everything is a Subscription!!

I understand that Mr. Hurley and all those other services need to pay their infrastructure and the programmers that do all the work and having a steady stream of cash is a surefire way to keep the service going and the updates coming, but give me a break!!

Pretty soon all our money is going to be tied-up in recurring payments. Imagine what happens when your credit card expires or gets stolen!

Mind you, I am not really complaining about these services. If you, like me, need some of these services to do your work and your day-to-day business; then it’s justified.

I am just stating the fact, that everything is becoming a subscription….