Droning is Really Hard

Flying a drone or UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) is really hard!

When you see YouTube videos of people flying their drones at the beach, in parks, and around neighborhoods; it seems really easy.

The truth of the matter is that there are so many factors to consider that when you finish flying for the first time, you are a nervous wreck!

DJI, the most famous drone manufacturer, has tried to make it easier for the common man with the release of their first selfie drone; the DJI Spark.

When the drone came out, I was really excited and saw myself using this for this blog and a future YouTube channel, in the works.

I was seeing myself maneuvering this UAV around parks and wooded areas with ease and in complete control.

Then reality set in…

Factors, Factor, Factors

The drone(s) come configured in Beginner mode. Is a modality that has been configured to protect yourself and the drone.

It is meant to help you learn how to fly and maneuver the drone without harming yourself, the drone or anybody else.

It’s also severely restricting.

The author gesturing to the Spark
The author gesturing to the Spark

There is the problem of restricted/No-Fly Zones, here in Connecticut where I live and more so around the city of Bridgeport. The whole area, including parks, beaches, recreational areas, etc, are completely restricted or there are advisories that pop up every minute.

The Wonderful AIRMAP App
The Wonderful AIRMAP App

Then, there is the problem of the flight time allowed by the batteries. Drones like the DJI Spark have a flight time of 12 minutes (depending on the enabled features) per battery. I purchased the flight-more kit, which comes with two batteries and the charger (batteries take around 40 minutes to fully charge) but they didn’t seem to be enough.

All this plus the newbie flying the drone and his nervousness to crash the drone, lose it in the trees, getting stopped by the authorities, and who knows what else.

I got a headache…

Am I really Flying this Thing?

...now how the heck do you start the video?
…now how the heck do you start the video?

Nevertheless, I am hooked!
I can’t find a place to fly it, but I am so desperate to learn and to fly the thing, that I am almost willing to risk flying in some dubious areas. I am really scared, but I think I can pull it off if I don’t attract too much attention, that is!!

I am not flying (initially) at the allowed 1.2 km that this UAV can fly. I just want to go up. Straight up and take pictures. Maybe some video.

I want the thing to follow me. I want it to go between the trees and follow the path into the woods.

Can I dare go Higher?
Can I dare go Higher?

The drone started to follow me, but there was some stupid setting (probably that beginner mode!) that didn’t allow me to start recording video. Only still pictures.

Follow me little drone... err, what's happening?
Follow me little drone… err, what’s happening?

Back to the drawing board. I need to study the online training. Need to get better at this. I want it!!

But it’s really hard…

Don’t believe the hype. Droning is not easy. Maybe once you had some flight hours under your belt, but not when you are starting.