Nikon… Time to Say Goodbye

The time has come to say goodbye to Nikon.

After careful consideration, I have decided that it was time to pack everything: cameras, lenses, batteries grips, flashes and attachments and put them on the market for somebody else to enjoy.

I have not shot one photo with any of my Nikon equipment for some time now. I have made do with a slew of different small cameras that include de iPhone, a Sony A6300 and some other sports cameras.

The truth is that I am no longer shooting weddings/events and I have redirected my interest to the areas of Landscapes and Fine Art Photography. Consequently, a large DSLR does not fit my workflow.

The Nikon stuff was gathering dust in a corner of my office. I took it as a sign when I got an email from Adorama that read: “Adorama wants to buy your used equipment“.

And the truth is that I have thought of buying a new camera.

For months now, I had my eye on the Sony A7RII.

Additionally, I think is the time that I get into the world of the Full Frame Cameras.

Nikon Cameras for Sale?

Therefore, I sent an email to Adorama explaining that I was willing to part with my equipment. Two days later I got an email with contact information and the request to call them.

I called them two days ago (I wanted to be free of the holidays) and they immediately showed signs of interest in my equipment. The rep that I talked on the phone, explained the process:

  1. They sent me a UPS label via email (which has insurance).
  2. I pack the equipment in a box with packing materials.
  3. I take it to UPS to be shipped.
  4. A team of evaluators contacts me within ten (10) days with an offer.

Couldn’t be simpler!!

I got my shipping label, packed most of my lenses and my camera and away they went yesterday.

I am hoping that I can lower the cost of the A7RII sufficient enough so I don’t have to put too much money out-of-pocket.

Why Sony?

My decision to go with the Sony is due to the fact that I already have some E-Mount lenses.

furthermore, I am getting really comfortable with the button layout and the menus.

Lots of people are complaining a lot about the A7RII overheating and the short battery life. But most of those people are doing video (4K).

Probably won’t affect me, since I don’t do video. 🙂

As a landscape photographer, I can definitely take advantage of the 42 megapixel that the camera has to offer.

Since I am also selling lots of stock photos, the quality of the pictures on the A7RII is an added benefit.

You know what the funny thing is?

The minute I decide to pull the trigger, Sony is going to come up with a new version of the A7 series, I am sure of that.

Is my opinion that Nikon’s technology is getting a little stagnant…

The other companies (Fuji, Olympus, Pentax, Sony, etc.) are leaving them in the dust with regards to innovation.

In conclusion, is with pain in my heart and my soul that I say:  “Goodbye Nikon; Hello Sony!!