I Do This For Me
All of the sudden we have become more gregarious that we have ever been... Gregarious:  (of a person) fond of people, sociable. People have become obsessed with Sociability and we now think that if we are not "Instagram-famous" or if we don't have many friends on Snap-chat, our lives are over. Our cravings for acceptance... Read More
Time for a Change
I think I finally found the WordPress theme of my dreams... I have been a little dissatisfied with the look of my page for some time. I was using a theme from the company Theme Junkey that was the best I could find when I started blogging again. This morning I was browsing the web and found the... Read More
And the forecast is…
We had another somewhat mild winter here in New England. Weather-wise we had a few storms here and there and it has been brutally cold some days, but I will say overall, it hasn't been like other years. Usually, January and February are pretty harsh here in Connecticut, but this year, we had some days in... Read More
Luminar Keyboard Shortcuts – macOS
The best way to become proficient on any application is to quickly learn the keyboard shortcuts. Depending on menus and the clicks of the mouse, usually tends to make processing images a tedious task. By using keyboard shortcuts, not only we save time and clicks, but we also understand and learn the ins and outs... Read More
One day…
One day, you'll look To see I've gone. But tomorrow may rain, so I'll follow the sun. Someday, you'll know I was the one. But tomorrow may rain, so I'll follow the sun. I am trying to be proactive and take more pictures. As part of that effort, I decided to take part in a... Read More