Our 4th of July Celebration

I had a great weekend. Saturday, we went to Short Beach Park in Stratford, Connecticut with my Brothers/Sister-in-law, their families, and mine.

It was an early 4th of July celebration that my brother-in-law puts together every year. He invites friends and family to meet him at the beach where everybody brings something; potluck style!

Food Galore!

There was a lot to eat and of course a lot to drink. We had sausages, hamburgers, hot dogs, tacos, eggs, fruit salad, corn on the cob, roasted potatoes and to end the day we had a giant sirloin steak that Esedia and I bought and that it was cooked by my brother-in-law.

There was drinking (beer and mostly rum), dancing, singing and lots of cooks over four grills and under three tents.

Somehow the tents that were brought to the beach wind up been red, white and blue. Not planned, I swear.

Short Beach Park
Our scene at the Short Beach Park

There were people playing games and loud music. It started with Merengues and Bachatas, but then it quickly turned to rock, 80s music and finally hip-hop and Rap.

Beach party games
Beach party games

The weather held up for the most part. We have some periods of clouds and a brief shower that lasted about five minutes. Not even enough rain to soak the sand. The party continued on!!

The fireworks in Stratford had happened the day before (June 30th) and the beach was empty. I was a little glad because we tend to be a little noisy. 😉

The sun finally came out and I think everybody there was at the time; trying to huddle up inside of the tents trying not to burn too much. Even though I applied some lotion the skin behind my neck and my arms was singed and I am still in pain.

We wind up coming home around 8:00 PM (from 11:00 AM) and everybody was so tired that we all went to bed sore and happier.

Pano from the bathroom area
Dominican’s at the beach

It was our second year going to the beach party and this year we had an awesome, awesome time.

Failed Drone Flight

I tried to fly my new drone (the fabulous DJI Spark) but It turns out that short beach park is right next to an airfield and because of that it is a restricted/no-fly zone. The worst part was that there was no sign of what the problem was. The DJI Go App kept saying “Can’t take off” but I could not find where it says that I was on a no-fly zone.

I kept trying to do the Gestured Flights but the Spark refused to start. It finally dawned on me where I was and I was able to confirm it using the AirMap App on my phone.

I also took some 4k video with the Sony FDR-X3000 but I still haven’t had time to process it. It looked good on the screen but I need to remove all the background music before I post it and get in trouble with the music police. I will try to post my videos and my impression of this wonderful action camera, soon.

These were all taken with the iPhone and processed with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom using the wonderful presets from Phototraces.

The flowers photo was taken at a local supermarket on our way to the beach.